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laser-pen.co.uk , we guess you must really like laserpen if you have dug this deep into the internet to find us here .... well we dont real;ly sell lase pen as such , we kind of hold this url for the fun of it , and in case one day some millionaire decides he really want this domain and offer to buy it ... so in the meantime of you want to buy a laser pen , try our friends at www.skylineselect.co.uk , they are ideal for laser pens and laser pointers purchases in Uk , they specialise in europe legal laser pointers that wont hurt peoples eyes.

You did know lasers can be dangerous didnt you ? , yes , well nothing as spectacular as james bond , but some higher power lasers can burst balloons and set things on fire , melt plastic etc , so seriously , imagine what that can do to your eyes ! So you need to be careful you dont buy laser pens that are toooo powerful for your needs , if you simply need a basic presentation laser then www.skylineselect.co.uk will show you a good selection of Uk and EU legal safe for presentation laser pointers :